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                                                                                                           Who Is Dr. Kimberly L. Rehak

I am the Co-Founder & Former CEO Of The International Institute For Behavioral Development, LTD. and Education Designers. I Specialized In My Work With Individuals Exhibiting Challenging Behaviors for well over 20 years. I Provided Educational, Psychological, & Behavioral Health Services To Children, Adolescents, & Adults Experiencing The Behavioral Symptoms Associated With Psychiatric, Psychological, & Neurological Disorders Across The Full Continuum Of Special Services & Behavioral Health Care, In Both Educational & Clinical Settings. Throughout this time and prior to the formation of my company, I also provided services, privately. I have worked in many other roles, globally. Additionally, I have Taught Well Over 150 University Courses, At The Graduate Level, Pertaining To Education, Special Education, Parenting, Criminal Justice, Sociology, Behavior Analysis, Autism, & Psychology. I am currently available to provide some more limited services via my part-time practice @ The IIBD Service Center.

Dr. Kimberly L. Rehak, Specialist

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